Smiles, Holding Hands, & Penises that are not going to fit

Copyrighted: Lucija Ros

There’s a spark in your candle that I’ve never really understood, wondered how you could stay so bright and uphold all the darkness that we longed to see be good; you maybe haven’t shared with me how dim it’s…

A Prayer of Self-Sadness

Photo by Joshua Eckstein

Oh my Maker:

Did You mean to design me so messy, I wonder. I wonder this so many times in so many moments, in almost all of my ever-prolonged, longing-for…something, days. It’s a weirdo week every five minutes or so, when I’m too vibed-out, overly sing-songy…

a Book Review.

People who should read this book: those that enjoy good writing but that don’t require unrealistic happy conclusions to enjoy a book or someone who feels a draw to the movie and wants a more developed story.

People who should NOT read this book: those looking for…

you’re a tired (but still hidden) topic

Photo by Velizar Ivanov

Dear Body I work so hard to take care of,

I drink the water. I run the trails. I avoid processed foods until someone leaves a damn Sour Patch Kids bag laying about carelessly like they want me to go to war with small children or something! However, with the exception of a…

I will never
be used to
silent deductions
head nods
eyes that look down
pity smile

to not being seen

by the one person who used to see me

dark and hollow streets to craft store signs

Real Love Stories Last Forever

I will never
understand waking up
without him
left behind in…


Photo by Kelly Sikkema

He invited her for coffee after finding something about her attractive on a dating application. In the seating area of his chosen coffee spot, they met. She thought of all the reasons he can’t be or shouldn’t be. After a whirlwind weekend, without apology, she refused to let him…

C.S. Mize

When we write, we all long for light in the dark places. Instagram: c.s.mize

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