I will never
be used to
silent deductions
head nods
eyes that look down
pity smile

to not being seen

by the one person who used to see me

dark and hollow streets to craft store signs

Real Love Stories Last Forever

I will never
understand waking up
without him
left behind in a dream
missing things I never liked
his big knuckles
Office reruns

Blaming myself for being distracted

I’m on a road I drive-by every day

Barely remember going from you to me

from park to drive

I will never
fill this hole
right through my side
where aches of laughter used to live-in
shivers of romance
smooth hands got in.

Shifting your body weight

To be close to mine

When did he find peace in making

me the road no longer taken?

I will never
kiss him as mine
ever again
He will never be mine again.

To have and to hold
For richer or poorer
In good times or bad

but I’m better through the worst.

When we write, we all long for light in the dark places. https://mobile.twitter.com/claudiasmize Instagram: c.s.mize

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