Flowers, Feet, & Children

Missing the woman, might of been.

Photo by Annie Spratt

Yellow blooms stand-up in a large Ball jar
feet resting on the glass, mindlessly moving like a nesting cat
they shared so many stories in the car
his hands on her the moment she sat

An evening in overalls; hanging-out with borrowed lads
from Australia, they think video games and superheros are life
it doesn’t matter what’s decided, the beauty of women isn’t a topic of fads
nor is the desire to be a wife.

not the deep feelings of wanting to be a parent
everyday, trying to be so. Much. Better than what she’s previously been
evermore searching for which altar to repent
Inclusive feelings, being in this family’s den.

Being a loving woman is not one thing; it’s no specific sketch
as mother, as daughter, as alone, and yes, as someone’s once-catch.

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